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I was in my husband's car on the top of the parking lot of the NBC Universal Lot, sobbing.  I’d spent the last few hours watching a taping of the re-boot of ‘Punky Brewster.’  This show was my favorite show when I was a child.  I can’t tell you the hours that I spent wishing I was best friends with Punky, Cherie, and Margo.  I hoped that I had a Henry in my life.  I was so in love with them that I used to pretend they were my best friends.  I may have called the studio here in LA, as a child living on Long Island, a few times, and that was back in the day when long-distance wasn’t unlimited, it was based on the minute.  I didn’t care, didn’t have any concept about money.  I don’t think I ever got further than the receptionist but what I wouldn’t have given to have a conversation with Punky.  I did send her a few letters and receive an autograph back from her.  I wish I still had it, but I’m sure I let it go during one of my many moves.  

Anyway, back to that November night, last fall when I was on the NBC Universal Lot sobbing.  My life had come full circle.  I could not believe that I had just spent the previous few hours watching them tape.  Soleil and Cherie were right in front of me.  I felt like I was apart of something.  After the taping, Soleil made a speech, what I took away from it was that she was very excited to be back and to be finding her Punky Power again.  

I believe that we are born with a generous spirit, and our spirits are knocked down through life.  Whether it’s our fault, of not believing in our self, or people telling us we can’t do things and us believing them.  We lose our spirit.  I was known as Ronnie as a kid.  And, I desperately feel like I want to be Ronnie again.  I want to be myself.  I want to be open.  I want to find my Ronnie Power.  

So, here we go!  This blog is going to be wacky; it will be fun; it could be depressing.  I may write quick little posts; I may write stories.  But, this is my space, and I hope you find something comforting in someone trying to be themselves, and it inspires you.  


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