Isolation Journal: Love Letter to NYC

I was listening to a podcast last week about a project called Isolation Journal, where you get prompts every day.  I’m starting a little late but below is today’s prompt, and my love letter to NYC.  If you want to sign up and to receive these prompts you can do that here: 

Isolation Journals


DAY 47 - Love Letter to a Place
In this moment of suspension, we invite you to compose a tribute to your city or hometown or the area code you rep, be it in prose or painting—or your own Beastie Boys'-style rap. If you haven't, you can check out the video for their song "An Open Letter to NYC." The lyrics hit home for New Yorkers after 9/11 and feel particularly poignant now, too.

Dear New York City,

This is a love letter to you.  

What can I say? I've loved you since we first met. Your bustling lights, the energy that exudes out of you the moment I arrive either via train, plane, or automobile, is electric. You are home to my favorite street in the world, Broadway. There is nothing that matches, for me, the feeling of coming out of a Broadway show. It is uplifting, cathartic, and it makes my whole being feel. You have always been my true constant, until my husband, of course.

This past January, I had the pure honor of introducing my husband to you. I kept wondering why in the world we were leaving sunny Los Angeles in January to go to New York. Indeed, this was a trip better suited for, well, any other time. We saw four shows in two days, ate more than we should have, saw snow, slipped on the snow, and were frozen to our core. We had cookies at my favorite cookie place, Schmackary's. The sweet and saltiness of their maple bacon cookie still lingers with me months later, in a good way. We saw old friends and made new ones, and we left uplifted. We even spoke about trying to come back before the Tony's to see more shows. My husband, who was born and raised in LA, discovered why I loved you so.

You will rise! You will have another shot! You will inspire another young child into a world filled with love and art. Broadway, I know you will be back. I know I will be back.

Stay safe, New York, until we meet again.



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